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This time of year is all about gathering to celebrating the everyday instances of joy and peace we are so fortunate to have. Those of us at NuZoo Media would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday season, filled with warmth, laughter and time spent with loved ones. Thank you for letting us be a part of your team!

Latest YouTube Marketing Trends

Wondering About YouTube Marketing Trends?

Latest YouTube Marketing Trends in 2017Here at NuZoo Media we are aware of the fact that YouTube is a powerful marketing tool, especially if your company has high quality, informative videos.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet, hosting over 70+ million hours worth of content. With the average time spent on YouTube per visit at a staggering 40 minutes, wouldn’t your business like to grab some of that viewing time? Let’s look at the current YouTube marketing trends and how they can help you market your business!

Why are videos important?

Yes! Psychology Today writes:

“When we watch a video, we become immersed in it and create an empathetic connection with the screen. If you want your visitors to fall in love with your content, it makes sense to deliver it via video.”

People are going to YouTube to watch videos instead of surfing your website for info. Most people won’t take the time to find information if it’s not immediately available. Videos allow you to easily get info to consumers in an engaging way.

Why should you consider creating videos for YouTube?

More companies can and should be utilizing video as a method to expand their business and connect with clients. Video visually demonstrates the value of your goods or services. Having a presence on YouTube (second largest search engine behind only Google, its parent) can provide a competitive advantage, setting you apart from similar companies within the market.

What should my video be about?

A successful marketing video is one where the viewer feels that their time was well spent and that they gained an understanding of how your company can make their life easier. This is accomplished by:

  • Knowing your audience
  • Creating engaging, fast paced videos
  • Providing useful information
  • Giving the viewer an understanding of how you can help them

Types of Video

  • Testimonial – Allow consumers to tell other what they love about you!
  • Product demo – Provides support for your merchandise & displays features
  • Whiteboard – Fun, exciting and trendy way to inform consumers
  • Interview style – Use this to highlight your business values
  • Round table – Primarily serve to inform viewers about relevant topics
  • Virtual reality – 360 degree video can be used for a multitude of applications
  • Commercial – Highlight your products and/or services

But what if I need help?

From a marketer’s perspective, video can be difficult to execute successfully. Cell phone videos hastily shot will not succeed in convincing a client that you are reputable. It is helpful to seek out a professional videographer as you begin to utilize YouTube for advertising purposes. The investment is worthwhile considering the market reach your video can have, as they directly reflect your company’s values.

What are current trends in video marketing?

Virtual Reality or 360 Videography is a new and exciting technological development, useful for a multitude of applications that can be specifically tailored to your company’s needs. 360 videos allow your clients to interact with your video in a really powerful way. By providing viewers with every angle, they are free to move through the video and become part of the experience. Cutting edge technology allows you to stand apart as a forward thinking company, up to date on the latest and greatest developments.

Call or email now for more information on how we can help you take advantage of YouTube marketing trends, one of the Internet’s largest search engines. We are experienced in producing videos to suit your company’s marketing needs.

Whiteboard Videos: Creative Marketing!

Whiteboard videos are popular because they allow businesses to connect with their clients in a fun and personal way.Whiteboard videos are popular because they allow businesses to connect with their clients in a fun and personal way. These fast paced videos bring ideas to life, which is important when marketing services instead of physical goods. Whiteboard videos can be used to illustrate concepts, tell a story, boost your brand and more!

So what are Whiteboard Videos?

Whiteboard animation involves drawing on a whiteboard while recording, then piecing the frames together through post production time lapse. The effect allows the viewer to feel as if someone was drawing a concept out for them personally. It also gives free play to the creator to incorporate humor and creativity.

Okay! But How?

They are fairly easy to make and you can find many online tutorials that will show you how. Or if you are in a hurry, hire a production service to make them for you, the best option from a time efficiency standpoint. The possibilities are endless!

Consider these benefits:

  •  Whiteboard videos set you apart from competition
  •  Hand made style makes your brand likable
  •  Visitor attention will be drawn to the video instead of lengthy text
  •  Can be used for personal use as well, like memorializing family history
  •  Studies show people are attracted to handwritten marketing materials

Watch the promotional whiteboard video we created for NuZoo Media to see how we marketed our brand! We have experience producing whiteboard videos and more. Contact us today for more information on how to kick start your video projects today!



Virtual Reality Real Estate Video

Awesome virtual reality real estate video shows you how big this apartment is.

We recently filmed 360 degree videos of a rehabbed 2-bedroom apartment in Richton Park, IL. You can see the brand new kitchen top to bottom by mousing around. You can see part of the hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathrooms on one side of the apartment and the sliding glass doors that lead to a patio on the other. 360 degree video is the best way to show off real estate to potential buyers and renters. They get to see the entire apartment, condo or building from top to bottom, side to side, nothing is hidden.

Click the play button and then start mousing around!

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