Why Should Your Company Use A Product Video?Nowadays, it’s difficult to market your product with so many other companies out there. One thing many other companies are doing to get their products out in the open is product video marketing. In these videos, a company displays their product, shows the viewer how it works, and explains the benefits of having it in the viewer’s life.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Your Company Should Have a Product Video

  1. You want your potential customers to be able to see for themselves what they would buy and what it does, rather than only hearing a sales representative talk about said product. It gives them the feeling that they are better able to evaluate the product than simply taking the word of the sales representative.
  2. The viewer can replay the video as many times as they want if they miss any details the first time they watched it. Any sales pitch has a lot of information to it and can be overwhelming to some shoppers, causing them to run away from any chance of considering it. Allowing someone to watch a video at his or her own speed gives them the freedom to make a purchasing decision and be sure of his or her decision.
  3. A product video can show the viewer how your company’s product is different from all the others out there. With so much competition, customers are wondering how this is different than the other company that he or she just saw. A product video is your chance to prove how your product is better than all the others and how it stands out.
  4. A video is far more entertaining than hearing a sales representative talk about your product. In an age where consumers have a higher buying power, people want to feel like their business has been earned, especially with marketing and advertising. Anyone can have a talented sales representative explain how great their product is in person, but a product video can have artistic visual and audio value that any potential customer would appreciate.
  5. A video can easily be shared with others using social media and e-mail. If the customer had a good experience and is satisfied with the product, they are more likely to share with people they know. This enables the video to get more exposure with potential customers. In fact, you can also encourage your happy customers to share a positive review and follow your social media accounts.

While the initial time and effort of creating a product video might seem like a challenge, the results from such a video far out-weigh the time spent creating it. In fact, NuZoo is here to create a product video for you, giving you less to think about.

If video isn’t your thing, contact us and we’ll show you how NuZoo can create an awesome product video for your company.