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NuZoo Media is an award-winning, video productionweb design and graphic design company. We create communications with flair that promote your brand and deliver your message quickly and effectively to your target audience.

NuZoo, founded in 1999 and based in Chicago, has successfully produced dozens of projects across all major media for national and international clients in a broad range of industries.

NuZoo Media Co-owner and Marketing Director Mary Joan

Here at the ‘Zoo we produce eye-catching, concise and focused materials. NuZoo Media has a range of strategic services, including SEO and marketing. Our services include video production, web design, and graphic design.


Dan PulikNuZoo Media Co-owner and Creative Director Dan Pulik and Mary Joan Schultheisz co-founded NuZoo Media in 1999, initially plotting the strategy of the company on a cocktail napkin over martinis. Since that initial brainstorming session the company has grown and evolved but some things never change; strategy sessions still take place, and yes, sometimes they’re over martinis, depending upon the hectic schedule.

Who Is NuZoo Media?