What is Integrated marketing?Marketing has been turned on its head in recent year years by integrated marketing.

Marketing trends have always shifted when consumers change their lifestyles and buying patterns, and when their world views change as they age or have families. But changes in communications and technology have created integrated marketing, profoundly altering the marketing landscape and forever changing how companies reach their target audience. Is your company keeping up?

So What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing involves combining marketing strategies for various media vehicles into one cohesive campaign with a single message. Marketing vehicles today include online advertising, email marketing and social media. The so-called “traditional” vehicles include direct mail, TV and radio ads, newspaper and magazine ads, even billboards.

To market a particular product or service, a company uses marketing using several vehicles to communicate its message. In other words, using traditional marketing vehicles like direct mail in combination with email marketing and YouTube videos. Or using social media to push your message and reach consumers ~ which is relatively free ~ in addition to advertising with Google AdWords.

Integrated Marketing Can Reach a Wider Audience

To maintain an integrated marketing campaign, a company needs to bring together all of the media vehicles in use where each plays a unique part in the story that is their campaign. Most consumers spend their time on more than one media vehicle in their daily routine.

This means it’s in your best interests to use more than one media vehicle in your marketing campaign. You need to keep the overall message the same for platform, so as to not confuse your audience, and be consistent.

Each media vehicle in play has a different way of communicating the overall message depending on how users interact or use that form of media.

For example, if a company is trying to market a cosmetic item, they might produce a video commercial for TV and YouTube, plus a print ad  in a magazine with a coupon that can be used on the magazine’s website but only if the reader gives up their contact info, and have a social media presence talking about their item and company. Additionally, they could produce a second video for YouTube showing how the product is used. Integrated marketing allows potential customers to be exposed to the company’s message and product more frequently than if the company only utilized one media vehicle.

To get some ideas as to how to maintain a better integrated marketing campaign, check out this page.

NuZoo Creates Integrated Marketing Campaign

We use a variety of vehicles to market our clients and ourselves, including LinkedIn, MailChimp, Google AdWords, direct mail, YouTube, TV commercials, brochures and Facebook.

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