Video Content StrategyI’ve heard about this recent trend saying  the future is video content strategy for business. At NuZoo it’s not the future, it’s now.

For the past several years we’ve been producing educational, marketing, branding and corporate videos that have taken the place of traditional communications vehicles. Many of our clients have transitioned from printed materials, conferences, classroom educational, traditional PR and marketing vehicles like direct mail, press releases, and annual meetings to online video. Face-to-face interactions, while still popular, have become second to video.

Our experience as a digital agency has taught us that not having a video strategy in your marketing plan is almost crazy, especially with the increased popularity of branded videos. In addition, both content and marketing strategies rely heavily on videos and will continue to do so in the future. In a time and place where online presence is key for survival a strong video content strategy is a must.

When you’re trying to connect with a customer it can be challenging to cut through all the noise that is inevitable in the online world.

Videos are the solution to this. They’re a quick and efficient storytelling tool that gives a business a unique identity. Video allows the customer to feel engaged and is a great means of communication. We have evolved into a society that no longer needs to meet in-person or even have an office workspace; all you need is a laptop and Internet to connect with a colleague.

Research done by Invodo says people are willing to watch a video 60% of the time and, more than three out of five consumers will spend up to two minutes watching a video educating themselves about the product they’re going to buy; 37% will watch up to three minutes.

The easy access provided by videos allows your business to have an impact on the audience in a short period of time.

Google is the number one search engine and YouTube is number two. If your YouTube video has high rankings it is more likely to appear in organic search results linked to your product or service. Overall if you have a quality video content strategy and dedication then you’ll appear higher on Google’s organic searches.

However, when you are looking to create a video for your business or company you need to have a clear idea of what you want and how you wish to impact your audience. This is where NuZoo comes in. At the ‘Zoo we pride ourselves in creating innovative content for our clients that will demonstrate the power behind videos.


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