Starting A YouTube Channel? Consider Doing This FirstWe’ve written before about the importance of video in business, and that YouTube is the number 2 search engine and dominant video channel.

But remember that branding is still the key to making your company stand out. Branding involves creating a name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind.

Branded Video Views Soar

A study done by Reelseo determined that in the past year branded video views have gone up 73%; that’s over 2.9 billion views since September 2014.

Branded videos are the visuals used to create a connection or relationship between the consumer and whatever product or service your business is offering.

This can mean everything from a Webinar explaining how to use or build your product, to testimonials of clients sharing their experience with your company, to a video of a company event. Either way you are creating your brand’s image in the viewers mind and letting them know why and how your business or product is the best choice out there.

At NuZoo, we know that creating a vision of your product or service in the public’s mind is the trickiest part of marketing today.

Your videos should create awareness, affinity and purchase intent for your brand. That’s the best way branded videos can help your business.

Branded Video Research

Research done by ShutterStock on branded videos says:

  • When someone looks for something online they are more likely to click on a video

  • 96% of people are more likely to open an email with a video link

  • 60% of all the data in the world is videos

  • As of 2014 36% of all videos watched are advertisements

Theses statistics aren’t hard to believe, with social media portals and instant messaging being as popular as they are. Not having a brand video to send out in these portals sounds almost crazy.

In addition, Single Grain Analytics found that 52% of shoppers admit that watching versus reading makes them more confident when purchasing a product or service.

Originality and creativity are your best friends when looking for connectivity with your audience.

At NuZoo our main goal is to get you the best results by having innovative ideas and using them to increase the engagement with your target audience.

We work to give you innovative videos that stay true to your brand, are goal-oriented and give you a strong, memorable visual of your company, products and services.

Contact NuZoo Media and let us produce your branded video!