Responsive web site or mobile web site? If that’s the question you’re asking yourself, how about this answer: a web site that is both responsive and mobile.

Responsive Web Site and Mobile Web Site

You can have both a responsive web site and a mobile web site all in one. In fact, you don’t really want a separate mobile web site because then you will have two URLS, and two web sites to update and maintain.

Having two web site URLs will also dilute your web site traffic because you will have two URLs for each page rather than just one. According to Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts going with a responsive web site design gives you a better chance of ranking higher on Google.

“In general, I wouldn’t worry about a site that is using responsive design losing SEO benefits because by definition you’ve got the same URL,” Cutts said in his video titled “Is there an SEO disadvantage to using responsive design instead of separate mobile URLs?” “So in theory, if you do a mobile version of the site, if you don’t handle that well and you don’t do the rel=canonical and all those sorts of things, then you might, in theory, divide the PageRank between those two pages. But if you have responsive design then everything is handled from one URL, so the PageRank doesn’t get divided, everything works fine.”

What is A Responsive Web Site?

What exactly is a responsive web site? A responsive web site is a design that scales to any screen size from mobile to laptop to desktop. So your page size will be taken into account and the page will work fine on whatever device it’s viewed.

Sounds a lot like a mobile site doesn’t it?

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