What Makes a Great Marketing Video?Why should you be using marketing videos to promote your company?

People love video. Video is watched on cell phones, social media, web sites, email and blogs. And marketing videos are becoming the best, easiest and fastest way to reach customers.

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine and dominant video channel, with Facebook a distance second? More people are visiting and doing business on YouTube and Facebook than Google. And why not? People just love watching videos. In this day and age it’s what they’re used to.

Video is easy, fun and cost effective. Marketing videos add an interactive element to any web site, making it more dynamic and interesting. And it’s easy to post videos on a YouTube channel and then link them on your web site and Facebook for multiple marketing opportunities simultaneously.

Types of Marketing Videos That You Can Create to Promote Your Business

So how can you take advantage of marketing videos to promote your business? Here are a few types of videos that you can produce.

Demonstrate your product or service

Bring your product or service to life through a marketing video. It’s much easier to show prospects why your products and services are the right answer for them. Think of all those “As Seen on TV” commercials; in 2 minutes or less products like the Snuggie, Steam Buddy and Ginzo knives became household names overnight.

Tutorial Videos

How many times have you started a search with “How to…” or “How do I…”? These are key search terms and you can take advantage of them by creating a tutorial video that allows people to follow along and do anything from fill out a mortgage application to create quality photos to refinish a cabinet. Can’t think of anything related to your business? Think about the questions that prospects or new clients ask for help with and you’ve got your topic. Tutorial videos also help to establish you as the Expert.

Customer testimonials

The next time a client says how great you are ask them to say it on video. Who better to talk about the customer experience than the customer? Testimonials help encourage others to take the first steps in becoming a customer themselves.


If you’re giving presentations or demonstrations using GoTo, ScreenFlow or any other online meeting capture it and post it. You’ve already created the presentation you can now use it multiple times either by posting it on YouTube, or holding more webinars. We frequently capture webinars for a client who then uses them to market to more prospects down the road.