Illinois License Plate Registration Due?Is Your Illinois License Plate Registration Due?

Did you know that Illinois is no longer mailing reminders that your license plate registration is due?

I didn’t. I found out by accident when I got a “Safe Driver” notice in the mail that let me renew my driver’s license online. When I renewed, there was another notice about the state going to an email notification system for license plate registration ~ only you have to sign up for it. It asked me for some information that I didn’t readily have so I didn’t sign up, even though I had a sneaking suspicion that I better check my plate.

Yesterday I finally got around to checking, and all I can say is thank goodness we’re in a Leap Year, because my plate registration expired today!

Because I’m the original filing cabinet hoarder ~ and also because I had a bookkeeper who instilled in me the mantra to never throw anything out ~ I was able to dig out last year’s registration renewal postcard and receipt. Guess what? On the 2015 postcard was a sentence about the state suspending the mailing notification, plus an ID and Pin to create my email notification. Uh oh, my bad.

So I went to Jewel and got my new sticker, and all I really needed was the car VIN and my driver’s license. So I’m good to go for another year.

But in talking with the Jewel manager I found out that Chicago is no longer mailing city sticker notices, and Illinois isn’t mailing out emissions notices either. Both Chicago and Illinois are so broke they can’t afford to do mass mailings anymore. The side effect is that both governments have created a new revenue stream from expired plate registrations and city stickers.

So don’t be me and get caught off guard. Is your Illinois license plate registration due? Check your plates, city sticker and emissions dates!

You can buy a Chicago city sticker here:
(I know, it says 2014 – 2015… I guess Chicago can’t afford many web programmers these days either…)

You can sign up for license plate registration reminders here:

And here you can see how much money the state is saving per month and read the press release about the current state of vehicle emissions testing: